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If ever you need to have great fun, then consider bubble football to give you 60 minutes of pure fun! It is a big, exciting and bouncy entertainment that suits big groups. This football game proves to be the latest new and big session to have fun, cutting across various parts of London.Currently available and played at a Powerleague centre found anywhere close to you, bubble type of football at times referred to as bounce or bubble football, proves to be a perfect game for corporate or stag events, having plenty of fun that suits people of different abilities and ages.Bubble football amongst the youth becomes favorite and ideal for birthday party or event. Giving your bubble a simple strap would make you enjoy and have great fun with several games consisting of capture the flag, last man standing, classic football, British Bulldog and many more.

Know More about Bubble Football2015-May-12

Bubble football is a very interesting game being played almost everywhere. It is also known as bumper balls or bubble soccer. It originated from Norway and has spread in different parts of the world. The game does not have any specific role that the players need to play, one is only required to wear a bubble football suit and crash the other while shooting at the goal in order to win. The game is safe and interesting to watch and perfect for birthday parties for kids, charity events, school tours, hens activities and company events among others. There are different places that you can enjoy bubble football at very affordable prices. You can also buy bubble football at different venues online at different packages.


The sport is adventurous and filled with beats and octane hits. We deliver the best session depending on your choice and preference. We provide bubble football at very affordable prices and the rules of the game are very easy and simple. You can play a game and the person who scores most becomes the winner. Every person playing the game has to put on inflatable bubble that greatly protects your head and knees. Choosing the right seller with quality services can be the right thing to do since all your needs will be met. Look for lightweight and quality bubbles for your games to be interesting. A seller with a good reputation and positive reviews from customers is also recommended.

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